“God will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for His miraculous power constantly energizes you!” Ephesians 3:20 (The Passion Translation)

God delights in answering prayer, meeting our needs, and blessing us! Each week, testimonies pour in of God’s great faithfulness and favor — our church is full of answered prayers! Below is a selection of testimonies, some of which may have been edited for length, context, or privacy.

If you have a reason to celebrate God, we would love to celebrate with you!

Let Us Know Your Testimony!

No, Cancer

I want to thank God because he is my healer. I had a CT scan done and they found spots on my lung an liver. Then I had a pet scan done and they didn’t find any cancer. I thank Jesus everyday. James 08.05.2017

Holy Spirit Comes And Heals

I had the opportunity to pray for someone’s back pain. We both felt warmth where I had laid my hands on him, and the pain completely dissolved! Praise God! — Josh 06.10.2017

A God Who Provides

He has provided thus far for us. He has also provided my husband and I with steady jobs that we love. — Karamie 05.27.2017

Peace To Overcome

He gives me peace. He gives me strength to overcome my depression. He helps guide me through problems I face. I have learned to be happy even though I have very little. — Donna 05.27.2017

Faith Restored

He healed my friend Justin and brought him back to the truth. He has been agnostic for 4 years and now he comes to the campus ministry events and prays regularly. — Savannah 04.22.2017

Full Body Healing

I went to the doctor and everything is clear. God healed me of blood clots, heart problems, and I am still cancer free. — James 04.22.2017

Healed Of Meningitis

I’m alive and well today of meningitis. He loves me. — Vanessa 01.21.2017

12 Year Old Boy’s Crooked Spine Straightens Up & Scoliosis Healed

I had the opportunity to minister at a church recently and was able to pray over the congregation. It was a touching moment, but I was not aware that anything significant had happened. Later that week, a man who was at that service approached me and said that he and his son had visited the doctor that day in regards to his son’s crooked spine and scoliosis. Apparently the doctor confirmed that “a miracle” had taken place: not only did the boy’s back completely straighten up, but the scoliosis was 100% gone! — Josh, 05.20.2016

Cancer Healed Through Phone Conversation

About a month ago, I called my grandfather just to chat. When he got on the phone, he said that he was in pain all over his body. My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer years ago and has undergone radiation, but the cancer was still an issue, and recently, it had started to spread. So, I simply prayed that God would release His healing over his body. The next week when my grandfather went in to visit his doctor, he was pronounced completely cancer-free! Praise the Lord! — Nicky, 04.08.2016

Knee Completely Healed & Pain Free

After getting my eyes examined today, Gayle who helped me pick out my glasses was walking with a severe limp. I asked her why, and she said her knee hurt really bad. I told her I pray for people and I’ve seen them get healed, and asked if I could pray for her. As she started to tear up, she said, “That would be wonderful!” So I commanded the pain to leave and the knee to be healed in Jesus’ Name. She tested it and was surprised as she could put more pressure on it. I left it at that and said I was going to “hope” she was healed. 2 minutes later, I looked over and saw her crying with 2 ladies around her. So I panic and think, “What did I do?!” She came up to me and told me her pain was completely gone and that her knee was completely better! She gave me a hug, crying, and said thank you so much. I told her Jesus loves her! Jesus is real and He heals!!! — Josh, 3.10.2016

God Heals a Lady’s Hip

A lady in the church came to the front asking us to pray for healing in her hip. We agreed together that God is a God who wants to heal! After the prayer was done—she no longer had pain in her hip and could move up and down unlike before! — Tasha, 3.07.2016

Bleeding Completely Stopped from Brain Tumor

My daughter-in-law Jessica had sudden bleeding from a tumor in her brain and had to be life-flighted to Pittsburgh. Once my family and the CityReach team finished praying and Jessica arrived in Pittsburgh, not only had the bleeding completely stopped — the doctors couldn’t even find a trace that it had once been bleeding! Praise God! — Skip, 1.9.2016

3 Months Clean

I want to thank God for life — I am three months clean! — Rayeisha, 1.9.2016

Surgery Cancelled Due to Healing

A little girl named Hope had an infection in the fluid in her brain, and our CityReach family prayed for her complete healing. I learned that the infection cleared so absolutely that the surgery was cancelled! — Chelsey, 1.2.2016

Healed of Cancer

God healed me of cancer! — John, 10.31.2015

Physical Healing in Legs & Feet

After praying for her, my aunt was healed from twitching and constant movements in her legs and feet! Thank You, Jesus! — Anonymous, 8.8.2015

Jesus Completely Heals Paraplegia

I was in a bad car accident in which I broke my neck and became a paraplegic, but God COMPLETELY HEALED me! I can walk and function properly again! — Anonymous, 8.2.2015

God Provides a New Job, Helps to Pay Off Home

After a long time of trying to pay off my house, I kept getting hit with setbacks. I finally took it to God in prayer and asked him to bless my efforts. Almost immediately He blessed me with a new job, which was enough of an income raise that I officially paid off my home! Thank You, God! — Anonymous, 5.23.2015

Quickly Sold a Car For Exact Price Needed

I needed to sell my car in a hurry due to having another vehicle lined up. Being pressed for time, I asked Josh Watts to be in prayer with me. The VERY NEXT DAY I had sold it right away for the EXACT price I needed! God loves to make His children happy! — Anonymous, 5.2.2015

New Car

God opened the door for me to get a new car! — Autumn, 3.7.2015

Overcome Self-Harm

God has empowered me to overcome my depression and my self-harm! — Skye, 3.7.2015