Intern at New Hope

Immerse yourself in the revival culture of New Hope Community Church for a 3-month spring, summer, or fall season!

New Hope Interns have the opportunity to serve under our team in passionate, revival-oriented ministry, benefiting from personalized responsibilities that will develop your individual skills and empower you to pursue your calling.

“I was being led and taught by highly influential & incredible leaders that have hearts full of passion for the ministry that they are doing. The leadership quality of New Hope is something that I admire and have learned a great deal from. I was loved, cared for, and encouraged so deeply by the team. I not only learned a great deal about ministry & church logistics, but also so much more about who God is.”
— Jocelyn H.

Interns will meet weekly with our team for accountability, encouragement, and discipleship — as well as grow within practical opportunities to serve in weekly services and groups, and benefit from daily responsibilities customized to draw out your potential and cultivate the destiny in you! Our ultimate goal is to empower you and release you to build God’s Kingdom in the dynamic and creative ways He has designed you.

“Interning at New Hope developed a deeper sense of need to reach the lost. That sparked prayers for salvation for people in my own life and challenged me to evangelize people within my family and friends.”
— Zac B.

There are several different focuses for you to emphasize on during your 3-month internship, including preaching, leading worship & music training, event planning, outreach, church administration, and more.

“I learned the importance of delegating tasks and dealing with conflict more appropriately. I now understand that delegation is empowering someone else with an opportunity for them to serve.”
— Tony B.

Please download an application and email it to us at One of our team will get back in touch with you to schedule a casual interview, preferably face-to-face.

Download an Application!


I do not live in Johnstown and will need to relocate for the internship. What should I do?
We welcome anyone anywhere who has a heart for revival and is passionate about evangelism & discipleship to intern with us, but interning with New Hope requires that you live in Johnstown (ideally the Moxham neighborhood where New Hope is located) or at least a few minutes away in the surrounding suburbs. It will ultimately be your responsibility to secure housing for your 3-month internship, but we will do everything we can to assist you. In some cases, host homes may be available. We want you to intern with us!

What is required from me during the internship?
A New Hope intern is required to be present at all New Hope weekend services & all additional scheduled services (unless previously arranged otherwise), to participate in our small-group discipleship intensive KAIO, to fulfill required reading as assigned by the leadership, to attend all monthly volunteer gatherings, to attend some leadership meetings, to engage in scheduled times of regular prayer & fasting, to successfully complete a major project (as determined by the leadership that corresponds with your internship focus; e.g., planning & facilitating an outreach, etc.), to engage in weekly, one-on-one discipleship sessions with the leadership, and to write a final review at the end of your internship.

Is there an age limit for interning with New Hope?
You must be at least 18 years old to intern with New Hope.

Can I maintain a job during the internship?
Yes, you can maintain a job during your internship, and we will try to cooperate with your work schedule. Depending on your work schedule, you may be considered a part-time intern (able to commit at least 20 hours/week to the internship) or a full-time intern (able to have a more extensive commitment).

Is this a paid internship?
No, at this time there is no financial compensation for interning with New Hope. We recommend you budget at least $75–$100/week for your internship to cover gas and food (cost of housing, if applicable, is not included in this estimate).